About us


We founded Top Advert in 2008, even amid the worldwide economic crisis and warnings from experts. We had a vision and the determination to become a leader among suppliers of advertising and presentation systems in the Czech market. Through invested energy and openness to new things, we quickly managed to climb to the top. The Top Advert brand gained significance, and we stood before more peaks.

We are striving to become a top company not only in our industry but also a recognized business brand that you can rely on.

We are a team of 30 enthusiasts who enjoy learning new things. Through close collaboration, we are flexible, creative, and view problems as challenges.

We aim to help you, our clients, succeed.

We listen to your needs and innovate based on them. Over time, we expand our offerings, seek inspiration for you, devise unprecedented projects, and when you're unsure, we'll advise you how to tackle it.


How to obtain the best without the lengthy process of selecting products, materials, and parameters? Entrust yourself to our care.

What we do is, based on a personal consultation, we take on the responsibility of selecting suitable systems and materials and prepare a unique and effective presentation for you. Thanks to direct import and our own printing and development, we guarantee low prices and provide you with oversight over the progress of your order in all its phases. Additionally, we offer the possibility of practical demonstrations in our showroom and regular updates about our novelties.

This way, you have fewer worries, more time, and yet constant control over your project.
Our innovations and individual approach will provide you with original solutions and thereby a competitive edge.