A flagpole with a company flag is one of the most popular year-round outdoor advertising tools for company visibility. It can attract attention and highlight the overall image of the company. Let your customers know about you or show the brand you want to promote with a flag advertisement.

Promotional flags for flagpoles offer a variety of design options (dimensions, fixing, edges, etc.). This is up to your individual request for which we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.



Production specifics

  • sublimation printing (we use one of the best sublimation printers designed for printing textiles and flags)
  • choice of several types of materials according to the weather conditions (non-stretchable PES fabrics with different densities according to the conditions)
  • durable materials and colours guaranteeing long print stability and UV resistance (with respect to site exposure)
  • sewing tunnel (closed, open), sewing to order (we sew in our sewing workshop, check and test)
  • complete hemming is our standard(we also provide extra reinforcement with edging, etc.)
  • snap hooks (metal, plastic), grip rings, weights for stretching according to customer's requirements
  • we are able to provide the flagpole exclusively on demand (aluminium, fibreglass)


reklamni-vlajky-material1  reklamni-vlajky-material2

Are you looking for something of the size and type of a flagpole, but you don't want a fixed flagpole? Then a great choice is our flag POLE which combines the advantages of a flagpole flag and a portable advertising flag.


  • reklamni vlajka pole stozar GRAPHICS included SET Code: FB8-07-XXL SET
    Flag and pole 5 m POLE
    Item includes: flag (textile), portable flagpole with support, base (water tank)  Advertising...

    €379,62 incl. VAT €313,73

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