Advertising signs, advertising boards, information boards, orientation system. Production of signs from PVC, plexiglass and aluminum.


Advertising signs find their place in every company. They can be used as a means of inexpensive large-format advertising with high print quality or as information and navigation boards in the interior or exterior. The advantage is that they can be attached virtually anywhere and offer a wide range of possible uses.

 Advertising signs are an affordable and very effective advertising tool.

Advertising boards with UV printing can be further modified into 3D advertising by means of bending or spacing components (screws, etc.).

Aluminium boards can be perforated (milled), supplemented with plexiglass and by adding LED light you get a great element of light advertising.


We have at our disposal a high-quality UV printer for board materials.

We can print on almost any board material.


Advertising signs are most often made of the following materials:

  • hard PVC sheets (white flexible plastic sheets)
  • aluminium composite plates ("sandwich" structures: aluminium - plastic - aluminium)
  • plexiglass or acrylic sheets (most often clear, opal or milky)
  • other printing materials cardboard honeycomb, glass, wood, pvc materials, polycarbonates etc. on request


Where to use advertising signs?

  • advertising signs, information boards, safety and warning signs
  • quality control boards in production
  • orientation boards on the premises of the company (orientation system, navigation elements, parking lot signage)
  • exclusive boards for marking offices or meeting rooms (plexiglass for distance or with led lighting)
  • orientation system, signage - in hotels, medical facilities, office complexes
  • medals, commemorative plates, gift plates (sports or other events), imitation winning vouchers, etc.
  • boards in a shop area -shelf fronts, advertising boards of sales stands (toppers)
  • advertising sign of the shop
  • theatres - stage set, foyer banners
  • schools, educational institutions - educational boards, panels, interior entertainment elements



Advertising signs made of PPVC (foamed PVC, white boards)

Lightweight, cheap, flexible material. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The surface is more prone to indentations than aluminium plates. Most commonly used material thicknesses are 3mm and 5mm. Large format printing with high-quality UV technology up to 3x2m. For larger formats, one dimension is limited to a width of 3 m and the other is unlimited. To increase the resistance of the boards against mechanical damage and UV radiation, we laminate the finished boards with a special laminating film.

Advertising signs made of DiBond aluminium printable plates

DiBond is a sandwich composite material (aluminium - plastic - aluminium). These extremely strong aluminium boards with a relatively low weight are durable, hold their shape and generally have a longer service life.

The boards can be printed on one or both sides, can be bent into 3D stands, milled or supplemented with LED light. They are resistant to water, abrasion and sunlight. Large format printing with high-quality UV technology.

The most commonly used material thicknesses are 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm. DiBond is usually in the form of white printable sheets. Advertising boards with a silver or golden brushed aluminium design are very popular.

By using the white underprint we guarantee perfect colouring even on coloured variants of DiBond. Printing in one piece up to 3x2m. For increased durability and print protection, the plates can be laminated.


Advertising signs made of plexiglass (PMMA plates, acrylic plates)

Beautiful transparent material for interior or exterior use. Plexiglass has excellent optical properties, high transparency and transmits up to 93% of light. It is very resistant to adverse weather conditions and high temperatures. A beautiful material of luxurious appearance with a very shiny surface, flexibility and strength. The downside is its fragility and susceptibility to mechanical scratches.

A beautiful material that adds to a luxurious look. The information board or orientation system in plexiglass creates an unmistakable 3D effect thanks to its transparency and underprint.

Ideal formarking offices, meeting rooms, as commemorative plaques, design plaques, as commemorative items, medals, etc. The combination of opal (milky) plexiglass with LED light is very popular in the field of light advertising.

We can also custom print other non-standard or less common materials - cardboard honeycomb, glass, wood, pvc materials, polycarbonates, etc. on request.

We always strive for maximum quality output which is why we use proven input material. At the same time, we meet the needs of our customers and also deal with specific production.

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