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Slovácký Rok 2023 - The Largest Folklore Event, Repeated Once Every Four Years

The gates of the royal town of Kyjov opened to enthusiasts of traditions, folk music, songs, dances, and especially great entertainment, this year in August for the twenty-first time.

Thousands of participants will present themselves during the four-day festival in over 30 thematic performances. The procession with 3000 people in traditional costumes from all the region's villages will illuminate Kyjov's square with a variety of richly adorned colors. The folk market, lively songs accompanied by violin and cimbalom tones, and the finale in the form of the King's Ride conclude this unique folk tradition.

Our region is important to us, just like our work. That's why we are glad to support this renowned folklore tradition with presentation banners in the heart of the event, at the entrance to Kyjov, and in Slavkov u Brna.

We look forward to collaborating again in another four years for the next edition.


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Cycling Through the Kyjov Region of Slovácko 

The Czech Cup, taking place in the South Moravian town of Kyjov.

We enjoy sports, and cycling in particular! Those who aren't fans of cycling tourism in our region have no idea of the beauty they're missing out on. In the picturesque surroundings of Kyjov, the traditional cycling race "Cycling Through the Kyjov Region of Slovácko" took place on Sunday, September 27, 2020, where we were partners. The weather was favorable for the cyclists, and we fans also thoroughly enjoyed it. We look forward to the next year's event!


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Association Dnes pomáhám

The main goal of this project is to share and inspire good deeds and to spread this idea to the general public. No act or deed is small and insignificant if it's intended well and from the heart; every help has meaning. Their organization is a place where people can learn how and to whom they can help. They share interesting actions, events, and deeds from larger organizations as well as ordinary people. They also organize their own events where they decide to help someone in need. Although their actions and good deeds are on a much smaller scale compared to larger organizations, they have a positive impact because people see who they have helped, and if they get involved, they feel part of it.

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Slovácky Rok in Kyjov 2019

Slovácky Rok is the largest folklore event that, similar to the Olympics, takes place only once every four years. The gates of the royal town of Kyjov will open for the twentieth time this year in August, bringing traditions, folk music, songs, dances, and great entertainment. The center of Kyjov's Dolňácko will once again become a mecca for folk enthusiasts from Bohemia, Moravia, and abroad. Thousands of participants will present themselves during the four-day festival in over thirty programs. A procession of 3000 people in traditional costumes from all the region's villages will illuminate Kyjov's square with a variety of richly adorned colors. The folk market will showcase the skills of Czech and Moravian craftsmen, and the summer air will be filled with traditional delicacies, wine, and homemade brandy. Lively songs accompanied by enchanting violin and cimbalom tones will interrupt the ringing of church bells, calling to the festive Sunday mass, and the hoofbeats of the King's Ride riders rushing from Skoronice to the majestic Kyjov town hall.

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JP Motorsport, Nonprofit Organization

JP Motorsport is a civic association involved in the construction and operation of automobile racing technology. With the Škoda 130 RS car, they are completing their eighth season of hill climb races in the Middle Europe Championship series under the names BERG-CUP, BERG-TROPHY, and now EURO CUP. The Škoda 130 RS is a Czechoslovak legend, a championship car of the 1981 European Circuit Championship, a rare, full-blooded sports car that remains very popular and is watched by audiences and media. The Middle Europe Championship hill climb races are held in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the participation of around a hundred cars and two thousand spectators per race.

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Dětské Kočovné Divadlo Kyjov

Dětské Kočovné Divadlo Kyjov is a group of enthusiasts performing theater, singing, playing music, and traveling around the southeast Moravia region. The first weekly traveling tour took place in 2012 with great success and enthusiasm from both the audience, who came in the hundreds, and the actors themselves. The result of their work is dozens of performances, 7-hour productions, 6 summer tours with the seventh planned for early summer, 17 fairy tales (operas or musicals), 13 of which are original, and tens of thousands of, hopefully, enthusiastic young and old audience members. They also regularly perform for preschools, elementary schools, childcare centers, and children's homes. They perform the "Srdce na dlani" program or the annual Christmas concerts.

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Kyjovánek's roots date back to 1975, when up to six groups were active in Kyjov. In 1998, the children's folklore ensemble Kyjovánek was founded under the leadership of Hana Vašulková. Today, around seventy children aged 3 to 25 play, dance, and sing in four groups. The leaders are Adéla Klingelová and Naďa Klimešová. The choreography and music are led by Pavel Růžička. The ensemble mainly presents children's folklore material from the Kyjovské Dolňácko region, successfully showcasing it at festivals not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad (Croatia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan...). The ensemble also regularly participates in competitive showcases for children's folklore ensembles, which are held every two years. From 2003 to 2017, they were selected to represent South Moravia in the national round in Jihlava. They have received special awards several times and are among the best ensembles in the Czech Republic. Besides festivals, Kyjovánek also brings joy with their performances in retirement homes and social care institutions, presenting the "Srdce na dlani" program or their annual Christmas concerts.

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Domov pro mne

Domov Pro Mne, z. s. is a non-governmental nonprofit organization with a mission to "help people with disabilities live a normal life." Since 2004, they have been helping children and adults with disabilities overcome daily obstacles to lead a quality life and integrate into society. Currently, they are one of the largest providers of personal assistance services in Brno. They also operate a sheltered housing service for people with severe physical disabilities. Additionally, they organize experiential stays for children and adults with disabilities with the help of volunteers, as well as day camps for children and youth. They also offer interest-based workshops for children and young people up to 26 years old. Their long-term goal is to support the development of community services that enable people, even with severe disabilities, to live actively in their own homes near family and friends.

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Cycling Through the Kyjov Region

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