Lightboxes, advertising panels, signs for shopping centre and entrance portal signs


What is the Lightbox

An advertising panel illuminated with LED technology. Lightbox is a common feature of 3D light advertising. 

Lightboxes can be placed indoors or outdoors. A typical outdoor lightbox application is a pylon at a shopping centre or an outdoor entrance portal of a shop. Indoor lightbox applications most often mark the entrances to shops within a shopping centre.  The size of the lightbox and its location determines its design details.


 Advertising panels of unmissable size. 

Suitable places for a lightbox

  • pylon, totem in a shopping centre (retail park)
  • entrance portal to a shop, branch, company
  • exterior and interior walls of buildings



Types of lightboxes and construction

Lightboxes can be categorised according to the material used for the front of the advertising panel. The used material is determined by the size of the lightbox. The perimeter construction of the lightbox is made of high-quality aluminium profiles, alu-bond or comaxitated or painted parts.

  • lightboxes with a PVC banner (maxi lightboxes - formats over 3m in length)
  • lightboxes with plexiglass (medium and smaller formats up to 3m)
  • dibond lightboxes (front side made of aluminium composite material)


CNC production and over 12 years of experience.

The production and installation of large advertising panels requires quality workmanship, experience and professional installation.


We are a direct manufacturer of advertising panels with our own technical equipment. During production, we use CNC technology with a high level of precision processing.

High-quality inputs and tried production processes guarantee precise workmanship, long service life and reliability of advertising panels. High-rise installations are carried out by our team of employees or by a reliable trained outsourced partner.

Quality materials and components

The lightbox has to be able to withstand a lot. Adverse weather conditions are definitely taken into account.

LED technology | aluminium profiles | comaxitized or painted frames | stable UV printing


Do you need a lightbox, with plexiglass or PVC banner? Leave the thinking to us. Let us know your idea and we will suggest possible options. We always look for the best solution that meets your needs, is cost-optimal, structurally safe and reliable. 

Ask us by phone or via the non-binding inquiry form. Our sales team will be happy to help you.


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