Flex Frame - stretch aluminium frame

 Flex Frame ALU

The stretch fabric frame is a modern and elegant way to take your presentation to a whole new level.


What is Flex Frame ALU

A stretch aluminium frame that is both strong and lightweight with a stretchable fabric canvas and with the best printed quality in every detail. The fabric is slightly flexible and is fixed in the frame with a silicone tape. The tape ensures perfect fixation and stretch of the image. The textile canvas is printed with high-quality UV technologyYou can replace the stretch frame print yourself at any time without having to dismantle the stretch frame.

The stretch frame is sometimes also referred to as LED image, fabric stretch frame.

LED illumination creates a unique design addition to your interior in vivid brilliant colours.

What we can make for you

from small LED light displays for interiors, receptions or showrooms, to several metre high stretch frames for shopping centres.


Possible uses of led light images - stretch frames

  • shop interiors, shopping centres, arcades, shop windows, entrance portals
  • car showrooms, underground garages, indoor commercial premises
  • as a design element for reception areas, representative spaces, showrooms, offices, corridors
  • exhibitions, presentations, conferences (portable version of the illuminated double-sided frame)
  • interior design - an option for architects, interior designers


Numerous design and location options

You can place the LED panels almost anywhere: on the wall, on the ceiling or freely in the space(standing, hanging on ropes or a structure)
Stretch fabric frames can be one-sided or double-sided. You can choose the depth of the frame from several variants of aluminium profiles.
Illuminated or non-illuminated? Both variants are possible. LED technology ensures brilliant illumination of the light stretch frame and its economical, maintenance-free operation.

The beauty and vibrancy of the LED image stands out in the illuminated variant of the frame. 

The LED image can be illuminated across the entire area or at specific places.

TIP! Using the layered printing method with white, we achieve the Day-Night effect

1st layer is visible with lights on | 2nd layer is white | 3rd layer is visible with the lights off effect

In combination with pulsating or frequency illumination, the effect is really eye-catching.

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