Portable stretch aluminium frame

LedUP 2 in 1 solution

It's a revolutionary new light presentation system. It offers a unique solution that combines the easy transportability of this presentation wall with the unique presentation method of a stretch fabric frame.


Presentation wall and portable stretch frame in one.



The LedUP presentation wall is a multifunctional element for company presentation.

LedUP can serve as a design element that brightens up an exhibition or sales stand, but also as a static advertising stand in the company's showroom.


Where can you use LedUP

  • events - fair, conference, exhibition, product presentation, open days, job fair
  • company headquarters - reception, showroom, meeting room, as an information panel
  • in sales areas - in the window, as a partition, POS in the sales area


How to assemble a presentation wall from modules 

LedUP modules are available in two widths (85cm, 100cm) and heights (200cm, 245cm).

Aluminium frames are fully compatible with all possible variants. It's up to you which modules you choose to create a larger presentation wall. Connecting the panels with clips is easy. The clips firmly attach the individual modules to each other and are again easily separable.

The Ledup system is designed for those who do not want to waste money on single-purpose presentation systems but at the same time require a high level of presentation.

Do you need one module for a presentation or a 4m wide wall for a trade fair? LedUP is the right product for you. You can easily assemble it into a large wall and once the fair is over, use the modules in a shop window, reception or office. Simply replace the print, which you can easily do yourself. Make the most of the versatility.

 prezentacni-stena-vypinaci-ram-vistacar prezentacni-stena-vypinaci-ram-barcelo 


Advantages of the LedUP presentation wall

  • an elegant, portable presentation system of the next generation
  • the combination of the advantages of a presentation wall and a stretch frame (portability, unique presentation, easy change of motif, UV printing on textiles in the highest quality, brilliant LED illumination)
  • easy handling and easy assembly without tools
  • anodised aluminium solid, very light and stable construction
  • brilliantly illuminated presentation area thanks to LED technology (OSRAM)
  • variability - multiple dimensions, possibility to create a large presentation wall by expanding it with additional panels
  • change graphics as needed - affordable and easily replaceable print
  • convenient transport, fits in the trunk of a car


Solid ALU construction, high-quality joints, OSRAM electrical components.

Investing in high-quality construction pays off. This is not a single-use wall. Avoid cheap imitations. 



Make the most of the presentation wall. High-quality ABS suitcase fits easily into the trunk of a car.

We consider comfort during transport and the protection of the frame

prezentacni-stena-ledup-kufr-1 prezentacni-stena-ledup-kufr-2 prezentacni-stena-ledup-kufr-3 prezentacni-stena-ledup-kufr-4 

 prezentacni-stena-ledup-kufr-5 prezentacni-stena-ledup-karton-box




BigLEDUP extra-large presentation wall

LedUP is not enough for you and you are looking for a really big, unmissable light presentation wall? Our BigLEDUP allows you to create a variable presentation wall of up to 5 x 3 m.


How to build an extra-large presentation wall  

Just choose one of the two variants of the "starter" module 200 x 248cm or 200 x 298cm. The "starter" wall can be extended in length by extension modules of 50cm, 75cm or 100cm as required. These extension modules are available in both heights (248cm, 298cm). 


Presentation space of up to 5 x 3m - uniform area, perfect illumination.

Guaranteed durability, stability and illumination throughout. Easy transport by car and easy assembly.





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